Due to the ever-increasing popularity of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), theCarson-Newman Athletics Department has created this page as a quick reference for Eagle fans.

Please remember that only coaches and Athletics Department staff members may be involved in the recruiting process.  Boosters are prohibited from contacting prospects, or members of a prospect's family, by any means for the purpose of encouraging the prospect's participation in C-N's athletics program.

  Frequently Asked Questions

May I post messages on a prospective student-athlete's Facebook page or similar site and try to convince him/her to attend Carson-Newman?

No, you may not. An athletics representative may not e-mail or post messages on the webpage or website of any prospective student-athlete.

May I create an online group dedicated to convincing or encouraging a prospect that we want them to attend C-N if the group members do not directly contact the prospect?

The NCAA would consider this as recruiting activity by boosters, so this would not be permissible.

What if I do not urge a prospect to come to C-N, may I contact them just to tell them about all the great things C-N has to offer?

No. Once again, this is another form of recruiting.

Who is defined as a prospect?

Any individual that has begun classes for the ninth grade. This includes any individual who is currently enrolled in and/or attending courses at a junior college.

Please remember that individuals other than Carson-Newman coaches should not be contacting prospects, directly or indirectly, in any manner or using any form of communication in an effort to persuade them to attend C-N.

If you have questions about this information or about NCAA or South Atlantic Conference rules, please contact the C-N Athletic Compliance Department at 865-471-3396. We appreciate your support of C-N Athletics and your help in ensuring we operate within NCAA rules and regulations.